Available Packaging
  • 1kg
  • 2kg
  • 3kg


Main Features


  • High premium in the market due to better grain and cooking quality

  • Ability to withstand late-planted situation because of its better tillering ability

  • Ability to produce productive tillers under adverse conditions

  • Good response to fertilizer applications

  • Non-lodging, non-shattering and medium maturity (120-130 days)

  • Most preferred product in this segment (medium-slender grain) and maturity (120-130 days)

  • Tolerant to major diseases/pests

  • Head Rice Recovery >60%

  • Compact plant type

  • Widely adapted with stable yield performance





  • Widely adapted with stable yield performance

  • Suitable for closer planting

  • Excellent cooking quality in the medium duration segment

Status : Available