Nath Bio-Genes’ Head Office is located within the  sprawling campus of Nath Group at Nath Road, about 3 kms from Aurangabad Rly. Station, on the Paithan Road.  Most of the Sophisticated Laboratories and such other facilities (including Quality Assurance) are located at this Campus.  The campus also houses some of our processing plants, Foundation Seed Storage and also Gene Bank facility:
Seed Production:

Nath Bio-Genes undertakes seed production in over 30,000 acres of land with about 25,000 farmers and 72 technically qualified, financially sound organizers in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. We assure good seed quality following rigorous field standards throughout the seed production process which is closely monitored by the team of production staff. This helps to ensure that only those seeds which meet the stringent quality control standards reach the processing centers of the company. We require foundation seed with 99.5% genetic purity in all crops which will result in better quality production. We constantly strive to build and improve relationships with the production growers & organizers to ensure loyalty and commitment. Our efforts of connecting with them on a personal level, understanding their constraints, and providing them necessary training in seed production have led to fruitful results.
Gene Bank for Long-Term Storage of Crucial Germplasm, Genetic Stocks & Breeding Lines
Collection, Evaluation, and Utilization of Novel Gemsplasm / Genetic Stocks for Development of Elite Breeding Lines, is the Thrust Area of Our Breeding Programs. NBIL Gene Bank has over 13,000 Germplasm Accessions, Improved Breeding Lines and Novel Genetic Stocks of our Target Field & Vegetable Crops under Long Term Storage.

  Over 13000 well documented Germplasm, collected over a period of 30 years from different parts of the country and abroad.  
The company has elaborate seed processing facilities with 10 Processing Plants located in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The company also has processing arrangements in Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, MP and Rajasthan on custom basis. All the plants are equipped with pre-cleaner, grader, gravity separator, de-stoner, treator, indent cylinder, needle separator m/c and packing machines which are fully automated for ginning, de-linting, drying ,processing, treating, packing and storage of seeds. The seeds received from farmers are processed to achieve quality standards which surpass those prescribed by the regulatory authorities. We take seed processing quality to the next level by ensuring improvements in seed viability and prolonging the shelf life of seeds. All our packing material has best environmental barriers characteristics to guarantee optimal storage conditions for the seed. We are having D H Godown storage facility.  
Quality Assurance      
At Nath Bio- Genes, we have one of the most stringent and systematic Seed Testing Laboratory at Aurangabad and the team conducts Field Inspection, Grow Out Test (GOT) and Plant Inspection in over 400 acres of land. It is our consistent endeavor to ensure that the seeds are produced under best available conditions and that all seed lots are of highest genetic purity. Every seed lot that comes into our Processing Plants is sampled and tested for Physical Appearance, Moisture, ODV, Physical Purity, Treatment, Genetic Purity, Germination, vigor and Soil emergence. Quality Assurance is also involved in Foundation Seed Production inspection and Processing Plant inspection during processing and packing. Every year we conduct more than 2 lakh quality checks throughout the supply chain process in accordance with the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) before packing & sending the seeds to marketing centers.  
Seed Physiology (Aging) and Viability Testing: In addition to the routine seed testing for viability, seedling vigour, seed moisture content etc. Studies are regularly carried out to monitor the progress of aging.

Grow Out Tests (GOTs): Conducted on all products prior to approval for marketing. Concerned crop breeders remain involved in the process of training QA personnel and in formulation of testing manuals.
  Insectary for Bioassays: Especially for Bt-Cotton  
    A Section of the “Working Germplasm” area of Gene Bank facilities